Meditation and Transformation Coaching
Emotional Healing Sessions

An invitation is extended to you to enlighten your heart and develop a relationship with your truth. Sri Kumari was once conflicted just like you and now experiences life from an enlightened perspective. How she maneuvered through the mental and emotional ego blocks and freed herself is what you’ll learn throughout this website.

Her primary focus is to uncover your boundless self-love and unwrap you from the tightness of life to free your spirit.

Dream Workshop

A creative writing and manifestation process to get very clear on what you want to manifest in this life. I’ll help you rewrite your life script from limitation to liberation in a group setting.

Healing Activation Calls

Monthly live telephone healing calls to repattern your mind from limitation.

Awakening Meditations

Monthly meditations are offered for free.  Awakening meditations are geared towards dismantling the ego mind.


  • Live fearlessly and creatively
  • Live authentically
  • Strengthen immunity
  • Increase energy
  • Eat healthier
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Enhance positive emotions and life situations

Some Issues We Can Address

  • Health problems
  • Work stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Financial stress
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Eating disorders and addictions
  • Headaches and chronic pain

What People Are Saying!

Paula’s intuitive ability is incredible! Thank you so much for your presence in my life. Paula is amazing!”

Christine M.,
I had one session with Paula and my life-long migraines disappeared. I was headed to a neurologist when my husband met Paula and recommended her. Amazing work!”
Karen T., Florida
What Paula offers is nothing short of miraculous. She’ll start up a conversation, and before you know it, she’s shifting energy, and confusions and fears simply disappear.”

Michael C., California
I experienced profound changes in my personality working with Paula. Each session we go deeper and deeper into aspects of myself that I have just learned to live with and never thought would ever change and they do. From my shoulder pain, to beliefs, emotional patterns, habits, everything is addressed in sessions. Thank you!”

Linda C., Phoenix
I finally felt free after one session.”

Ester W., England
I was so impressed by Paula’s abilities that for my next session I drove 12 hours each way to experience her in person. I cannot put into words what this work has done for me. I now experience new levels of awareness and joy as I move away from old blockages and the controlling ego into truth. Paula’s gifts are truly remarkable. Thank you.”

Rick K., California
In my first session I felt the energy moving in my body as Paula talked over the telephone. She picked up on every little bit of energy I was feeling. I am so grateful.”

Susan M., New Jersey
A private session with Paula is not your ordinary brand of healing. What was shared with me gave me hope, inspiration and assurance that I can align to my Soul and move forward. I love her sessions!”

Sharon M., Psychologist, NC