About Paula

Happiness Starts Here is amazing–really amazing. After our work together a long standing neighborly argument healed. I never thought I would talk to my neighbors again but I am. Thank you. I love you and your work.” ~ Jacqui H.

I was tired of not knowing what direction to go in with my career. I signed up for Happiness Starts Here. It was amazing how effortlessly Paula found my issues and released them. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. Thank you!” Valarie D.

I did two back-to-back eight weeks of Happiness Starts Here. When I began I was drawing in $3,000.00 a month in commissions. Now, I’m happy to report $15,000 in commissions monthly. Thank you for the work you do!” ~ Ted D.

I am so different than I was when I first came to see Paula. My mental attitude is so much lighter. I am willing to let go of the need to control in a good way. I’m so much happier.” ~ Susan S.

After my first session I felt calmer and less angry, after four sessions I experienced more acceptance and I’m happier every day.” ~ Janine S.

Paula, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful session. You were so present and balanced in your delivery of information, I really felt like you were there for me in an honorable way. It was complete and beautiful! I would recommend you to anyone.” ~ Keri N.

I am happy to report I have had remarkable break-through in many lifelong issues. I highly recommend this work to everyone!” ~ Jean Marie

I was on my way to a neurologist for life-long migraines. I had one session with Paula and they disappeared. A million thank you’s! ~ Amy T.

My issues seemed to disappear when I work with Paula. I feel so inspired after sessions. Thank you.” ~ Helene T.

Paula, your love will always be one of the greatest gems of my journey. I sincerely thank you with all of my heart.” ~ Pat G.

Paula literally within minutes of talking to me can locate the precise beliefs or traumas, buried in my mind, that cause stress in my life today and releases them. She’ll bring up details around certain events that I have long forgotten. When she talks about them, they become very real. She’ll ask me to follow along in a short visualization as she shifts the energy. In a few days, my current troubles simply disappear. Yes I said, disappear. No one does what Paula does. Plus she does all the work; I feel positive energy over the telephone and life-long issues are gone. She is worth your time.” ~ Darla S.

There are so many more testimonials about Paula’s work. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email us at info@paulamuran.com.

Live Group Calls

I was on a live healing call with Paula. The changes in my kids after that clearing were incredible! Things went along perfectly we talked and laughed together. What a difference! Thank you so much.” ~ Deb S.

It feels strange to feel so happy and unburdened after monthly belief clearing sessions. I love it! Thank you.” ~ Joni Y.

After the belief clearing of “doing something wrong pattern” I did some very intense clearing of my thoughts and emotions. I listened to the mp3 again and I cleared a deep feeling of being unworthy.  As a result I had a good day and feel lighter and clearer.” ~ Anna K.

I have one word for the Rejection clearing-Wow!!” ~ Daniel S.

About Emotional Aromatherapy Sprays

After I placed the order online I noticed a shift took place within me. I know that I’m always changing but this was fairly dramatic — I felt a release of my fears. I’ve ordered from you and spoken to you so many times but never experienced anything significant like this.” ~ Wen R.

Immediately after I used Abundance spray I received an email that said I won a drawing. Thanks!!” ~ Crystal H.

I use Balance spray every morning before leaving to go to work. I am the calmest I’ve been in a long time.” ~ Janet K.

Open to Receive is the best spray ever. I love how it smells, and it worked to open me up. Amazing!!” ~ Barbara B.

Today I was using Protection spray on myself and my sister in Hawaii and we both instantly felt cleared and back to ourselves.” ~ Kari R.

I love using the sprays. I put them in a box near my front door and select one or two blindly before I leave the house. It’s always perfect to what I’m thinking and needing at the time. Thank you!” ~ Angela L.