Unwind Your Mind

A deeper explanation of what I do for you

Beginning with current life situations (unhappiness, addictions, unworthiness, money issues, lack of love, etc), Paula facilitates deep,intuitive dialogues with your unconscious mind. She’ll unwind the roots to the original trauma and memory buried deeply in your consciousness. This liberates any limitation holding you back from living the life you love.

When we work together I-

  • See behind the scenes of your life
  • Release karma
  • Read the patterns in the subconscious mind
  • Balance chakra energy
  • Reprogram core beliefs
  • Opens hearts and enlightens minds

The Mind

The mind is complex — it’s created by the thoughts you think and the experiences you feel. Working together, Paula locates the original patterns blocking you from achieving your goals and intentions. She starts in childhood; however, she can go beyond this life into the karma’s, past lives and to the original patterns created eons ago.

Earlier life experiences created the foundation of who you are right now. Imagine standing on a cracked foundation — how sturdy would the house be? The same is true for life. If you experienced traumas in childhood, this emotional memory is hiding in the unconscious mind and running your adult life. People with this patterning might be afraid of love, making commitments, lack confidence and feel unworthy or fearful and even frightened to be seen in the world.

Freeing Your Mind

Freeing your mind is a process of unwinding your deeply-rooted or core patterns. Once the larger life patterns are subdued, you’ll be able to manage the lessor patterns yourself.

Paula is the type of person that likes results-easy and quick — she would love for you to experience liberation as soon as possible.

Emotional Traumas

Traumas don’t need to be dramatic like war. Traumas to a child can include loud noises, being spanked, shouting, slamming doors and anger. Also, traumas can be accidents and fearful situations. Certain life transitions like graduating high school or college, marriage and having children can create traumas too.

Emotional Memories

Memories are drilled into your mind by excitement and strong emotional feelings such as fear or anger. They cause an adrenaline marker to form. This is when you become reactive over certain words, phrases, people’s voices and situations. For example, if a person feels unjustly treated or ridiculed, simple situations can take that person directly to the original experience, where the person feels out of control and angry. This is called being reactive. Driving, for example, causes a lot of reactive behavior.

Background History

Back in 1992, Paula was shown and energy phenomenon that science is just discovering-our brains create a grid-like structure within our minds. Stored on this field are all of our past experiences, memories, and thoughts from our original life patterns in the form of energy.  The mind-grid is a consciousness framework made up of an electric and magnetic energy.

Twenty-five years ago an ordinary massage turned into transformational healing for one of her clients. She wrote in my book, published in 2005, Codes of Light (now out of print), “When I first saw the grid; I stared at an electrical masterpiece. The ‘electromagnetic grid,’ as I termed it, shimmered with an array of energy. I was able to read the patterning of the mind and locate the original memory and traumas that caused emotional markers to imprint in the mind. When I altered the energy on the grid, it altered a person’s life.”

Over the years the healing sessions have developed into an energy-based system now called,  Unwind to the Divine. Paula connects into the mind field with you and can shift energy and this neutralizes the effects beliefs have on you.

Energy-Science of the Mind

The electromagnetic frequency of the brain sends out spectrum’s of light. Attached to this light are frequency images that are projected into the world around us. This unified field or electromagnetic field is created by thoughts and waves of energy. When energy waves are altered, it affects our physical existence.

Paula realized after researching her work that “light” is not associated with “good or bad” rather it’s a spectrum of electro-magnetic frequency energy. This spectrum energy can be changed by how and what we think.

A light-worker is not a person who does “good” in the world. A light-worker knows how to manipulate the energy of the electromagnetic light frequencies and manifests a new reality for themselves.” —Paula Muran


Particle physicist John Hagelin says, “The field is pure intelligence. It’s all the laws of nature. The field is outside of space and time where everything already exists but only in wave form. It’s not matter, nor part of the physical universe. Instead it is what the entire universe is made from — waves of possibilities.  No one can prove the field exists. You can’t see it or photographic it. It’s not physical.”

This field of consciousness can’t be seen. Other quantum physicists say, “When they (quantum physicists) assume the field is there, they can make incredibly accurate mathematical predictions about the physical universe and how it behaves, which they can’t do without assuming the field is there.”

Based on research in quantum physics we live in a hologram. Our reality is a virtual image, an illusion that is not real. The mind is holographic, meaning it can only reflect back what’s programmed in it. The picture to the right is what science believes the mind looks like.

Read more from Michael Talbort’s “Holographic Brain” here. Or, explore further, read Dr. Peter T. ChoppingReality is not solid. It’s empty space and resembles a hologram, says Micael Ledwith, PhD.