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My work is advanced and provides new ways to live your truth. I’ll show you how to become free to be YOU.  Living a happy life transcends mediocrity.

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I sign up for monthly group clearings because the energy transmitted over the telephone is heavenly and I see results.”  Bev H., Therapist

If time is prohibitive I can add your energy into the call once you purchase the month or you can purchase MP3 downloads on past healing class Click HERE

More adventurous? The next option is to work directly with me.

Let’s get started unwinding your old patterns and release limiting ideas and thoughts.

Happiness Starts Here- Serious about turning your life around? This is a weekly emotional clearing process that gets to the core quickly and accurately. Instantly freeing old patterns and setting you free!

Mindful Mentoring meets twice per month for three months or longer and includes locating patterns, releasing the patterns along with lifestyle changes. Get started living a happy and authentic life.

Align to Your Brand Attention yoga teachers, life coaches, wellness practitioners and soulpreneu’s? Feeling stuck and out of balance? Release your doubt and fear and partner with your brand.

In Person

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