The Mind

The mind is complex — it’s created by the thoughts you think and the experiences you have. Working together, Paula locates the original patterns blocking you from achieving your goals and intentions. She starts in childhood; however, she can go beyond this life into the karma’s, past lives and to the original patterns created eons ago.

Earlier life experiences created the foundation of who you are right now. Imagine standing on a cracked foundation — how sturdy would the house be? The same is true for life. If you experienced traumas in childhood, this emotional memory is hiding in the subconscious mind and running your adult life. People with this patterning might be afraid of love, making commitments, lack confidence and feel unworthy or fearful and even frightened to be seen in the world.

Emotional Memory

As a child do you remember the very first time you were yelled at? If this disciplinary action was not explained to you, it creates an emotional memory to setup in the mind and nervous system. Like a marker or a sign post and part of you froze there. After repeating similar situations, patterns form. Anytime you experience ridicule, accidents, break-ups, death or other shocks it causes a part of you to freeze again. The mind then hooks into to the emotional memory and stays there until retrieved. Do you remember certain events as though they happened yesterday? This is why. These events create your life story and continue to define you until changed.

Both the body and mind get stuck. We are most aware of the body: back pain, nausea or insomnia and chalk up how we feel to the moon phases or astrology, but it’s the emotional factors that will begin to cause more and more havoc and will eventually get you to take action.


When was the last time you yelled at customer service rep? Got over reactive at work? Had a few too many margaritas after a break-up? Everyone experiences these interactions even the most enlightened people.

Addressing the mental patterning is essential to living an emotionally free life. Both memory and trauma create patterns. Your mind uses this neuo-patterning from the subconscious to guide you as an adult. The key to living mindfully and happily is to rectify the emotional traumas and memory by repatterning the mind and nervous system. This mends the feeling of separation and you experience joy.

Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a complex grid-a database of information. It’s layered by emotional memory and traumatic events.

Beliefs form patterns. Patterns are the building blocks of your reality, the foundation of your world. Core patterns are formed during childhood, yet they continue to impact everyday life. Your experience of reality is the product of belief patterns in your mind.

Once patterns are located, the core memory begins to unwind from the tightly bound mind. The mind begins to unhook from fixed perceptions.

In private and group work, Paula

  • Identifies old beliefs patterns blocking current dreams
  • Dissolves old and limiting patterns
  • Designs custom visualizations for you to unhook the mind from past memory
  • Shines the light of awareness into the darkness


A person can’t be estranged from their father, mother or siblings and want to attain enlightenment. Here’s an example of the power of this work. A client was estranged from her father and after 3 weeks (3 sessions) through releasing old childhood patterns. The energy shifted so substantially between them her father called after 15 years and wanted to reconcile their relationship. During the session she never mentioned there was an issue with her father.

Any life situation that isn’t providing happiness, every moment of the day, is a pattern that can change.

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Mind Field

What is seen in your mind is a type of grid that is formed by memory.  It’s a buoyant multi-layered field of energy.  When it’s altered the changes filtered down into the physical body and disease and injury disappeared. Rhonda’s Amazing testimonial

Science of the Mind

Quantum physics research shows that we live in a hologram. Our reality is a virtual image, an illusion. The mind is holographic, buy tramadol opioid analgesics, meaning it can only reflect what’s programmed in it.

Read more from Michael Talbort’s “Holographic Brain” here. Or, explore further and read Dr. Peter T. ChoppingReality is not solid. It’s empty space and resembles a hologram, says Micael Ledwith, PhD.

Above is a picture of what Paula sees in your mind.