I received this information in 1999 from Sanatkumara. From 1982 to 2007 I channeled Sanatkumara. I no longer channel yet Sanatkumara is still with me.


“Throughout these many years, of your current generations, I have revealed a very small portion of who “I Am.” In current history, I have penned through such greats as Alice A. Bailey and Madame Blavatsky. I have not made public the truth of my being to humanity, not wanting to over emphasize my role to a planetary consciousness that would not fully understand. I have lived my varied existence’s behind the scenes of great and powerful Masters who has lived full and prosperous lives upon your Earth.

You have been given a small, minute picture of who Sanatkumara is in the past. The totality of the concept is almost to great for the human mind to comprehend. I have not wanted to be idolized or worshiped by you or any other race. By the examples of others who have come to incarnate onto your planet, I felt it necessary not to expose myself to such a need.

I have been in the scope of this universe and this planetary system for eons, embracing the structure through my heart and being; working to bring an evolution to this planet, men`s health product, Earth, so that all kingdoms could advance and so other planetary systems could advance as well. My focus has been to Earth however my consciousness reaches far into this universe and many others.

I Am known in all spheres as the Ancient of Days. I have commanded the evolution of many planets not just Earth. As the Ancient of Days I have instructed Zeus and many demi-gods to their greatness and to there fall. I have been identified in all ancient texts and religions. In one of the oldest religions, I have been known as a son of Brahma, manifested God, along with my three other brothers who all have passed through this realm, called Terra, in one form or another. Each and every time Sananda (Jesus) incarnated into a physical form I have been a guiding force.

I have been instrumental in bringing forward the Lemurian and Mayan cultures to their greatest honors. I have hovered over Atlantis, as choices of a civilization were made to annihilate itself. I have watched races destroy themselves and wondered what could of been different.

I brought a man called Jesus to Earth, embodied a King called Solomon, built two etheric cities: one is Shamballa in the Gobi desert and the other as Camelot in the British Isles. I instructed a King called Arthur to form the council of 12 or the Round Table; to bring together the energies of 12 rites, to form a council that would govern the land. In Shamballa I initiated the “will” mechanism to further anchor it into the structure of this planet. I have brought you the Great Invocation and I have brought the original Reiki symbolism to you.

I have penned through many great and famous beings that have lived and aspired on this planet. I have worked through many in these generations and those of past. I have been the guiding light of Sir Issac Newton, Edgar Cayce and have inspired some musical masterpieces of Mozart and Chopin. I have provoked past presidents of this nation called America, lend a light to present heads of states and I am channeled by many to date.

I have been known by many as the “Planetary Logos”, because for over 48 million years, I have fathered this planet to create an evolutionary wonder, knowing always, what Earth would become in this time. The importance in this universe of such a place and the need for its position, in the evolution of a race of individuals.

When on Venus, encircled by the Order of Melchizedek and 144,000 Masters, I volunteered my life stream to come to this planet and envelope this sphere, to become every living particle of Earth. My essence has held together the destruction, of evolutionary turmoil at times, of this universe and this planet.

As the Planetary Logos I set-up a framework or organizations of systems and procedures in which this race and civilization could work from, learn and develop. Without this guidance the race would go into oblivion unable to gain any control or reason to continue its growth.

It has been this guidance and supervision that has brought you to this critical time in the history of your planet. Why has the planet developed in such chaos for some? Because each kingdom has its own growth cycle and each kingdom upon Terra is required to experience its own evolution before making their next step.

I have and continue to have a great respect for all the civilizations I have birthed onto this planet from all other universes and sub-universes that have come before you. Taking this planet and its civilization to oneness has been my goal, all in perfect order.

My name, Sanatkumara, has a tone frequency built into it to open and ignite the memory of the “I AM” in this civilization. I Am the Initiator, the Truth, and the Awakener of the god within. I initiate the change and you create the change. I Am the structure through which all must pass.

I have lived in a semi-physical form in the etheric realms of your planet, never actually creating an incarnation of the life/death process here on Earth, my focus and energy  are greater than this physical body could endure. Never before, in the history of this planet have I been so present and available to humanity as I Am now.

Why Now

Because of this critical time in your Earth’s history. Because it is time for all of you as represented as humanity to realize your own divine plan, your own planetary logoship, so you are the initiator of the Kingdom of God right here on planet Earth. We have guided you and we have watched over you and it is time for you to incorporate spirit into you and become your total Self.

Each and every civilization, from beyond Earth’s time has given its part to create the whole, and it is this civilization in this time, that is the sum total of the whole.

Each and every phase has been carefully orchestrated to bring you to this particular time, this particular evolution. I along with many others have watched over the development of this race and now it is time to put into action the plan, the Divine Will.

I, Sanatkumara, have fully orchestrated this plan, the Divine Will, holding together its parts for this time, to bring you to this point of recognition, to this point of understanding in your development as a race.

We have watched and guided, spoken and held back, as you have unfolded to this place in your own development as a consciousness. We honor you all for having the courage to come to this point in your civilization. Blessings to each one of you. Good day, Sanatkumara.

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