Awakening Humanity


Beloved Sanatkumara appeared to Paula when she was a young girl and has guided her ever since. A more formal introduction arrived when Paula was in her twenties and this event changed her life forever.

Sanatkumara is the Hindu deity, who destroys our “negative ego” and guides us to our own spirit within.

As a divine being of the highest consciousness, Sanatkumara is a sublime force-field of unconditional love. A god who blesses and protects those who ardently seek His grace, Sanatkumara awakens our hearts to remember our true Self.

Sanatkumara has the most recorded history in Hinduism and is known by four prominent names: Lord Muruga, Subrahmanya, Skanda and Kârttikeya.

Born as the first son of Shiva and Parvati and the brother of Ganesh (elephant god), Sanatkumara bestows spiritual knowledge and Ganesh removes obstacles.

Sanatkumara is known as the Ancient of Days in the Bible. In the Mayan tradition, Sanatkumara is the great Quetzalcoatl. In metaphysics as the planetary Logos and the father of this new age, who has embraced Earth for millions of years.
Guiding humanity to fulfill the Divine Plan for Earth.

Sanatkumara teachings are found the Chhandogya Upanishad, Bhagvada Gita and the Yoga Sutras where we discover non-dualistic wisdom.


I Am That I Am

I Am the presence you have been waiting for,
I have come before you not to be judged,
I have come before you to be loved.
As you do to me–you do to yourself.
Recognize your imperfections, love your faults, and in that moment you shall become
I Am That I Am.

Experience the energy of Sanatkumara when you work with Paula: