Yoga is a metaphor for life and life situations draw us to the mat.
Master the mat and we master life and live our true self. 

Samskara are the repetitive thought patterns that imprint into our minds. Tapas are a burning desire to awaken with an understanding that self-mastery is possible.

What stops us from achieving mastery are limiting thoughts that range from “I’m not good enough” to “I’m not flexible,” and everything in between. Samskara’s stand in the way and hold us back from achieving inner peace.

Taking a modern twist on the ancient wisdom found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Samskara, Tapas, & Your Mat offers ways to free the mind by identifying the samskara of personal suffering; leading you through an exploration of “how to” deepen the relationship with the true Self by using yoga poses and ordinary life situations.


Participants leave with powerful tools to easily unwind lifelong emotional patterns, neutralize inner obstacles, develop a calmer mind, and forge a stronger relationship with their true Self.

Preparation: Non-asana class. Bring a yoga mat. Also be ready to discuss issues and poses that give the most difficulty, so personal transformation can occur.



About Paula

Paula is an innovative, highly intuitive teacher with a liberated mind, known for her ability to facilitate transformative shifts in others. A teacher’s-teacher and a healer’s-healer, Paula has served as spiritual mentor to students around the world for the past 22 years.

Her simple yet profound teachings of “knowing the self” bridge the gap between ancient yoga wisdom and modern-day life. She is down-to-earth and helpful, and her classes are experiential opportunities for self-discovery.

Founder of Kumara Yoga Institute-the Heart of Yoga, Paula is an author, an E-RYT 200, and the first featured columnist on, herarticles are found on Rebelle Society,, Elephant Journal, and others. She leads mindful and mediation retreats, teaches locally, abroad and maintains a private practice.