Release Unworthiness

Become Worthy. Feel Empowered.

January 16, 2021

Join Paula for a group clearing on “unworthiness” using mindful techniques and release hurt feelings, self sabotage, not feeling good enough, anger, fear, and other issues.

Worthiness is one of the three core patterns and was created early in life. Worthiness is the value you place on yourself.  How much do you value you? Are you worthy to be alive?

Unless released, unworthiness becomes a magnetized attraction. This draws toward you all the people and situations where you feel “not enough” and “hopeless” to you, over and over again.


  • It’s a fun class.
  • 100% anonymous
  • Release unworthiness, lack, not feeling good enough, fear and more.
  • Awaken your mind’s potential and experience happiness and love.

Come prepared to change. Arrive with no judgment in your heart. Leave your life story at the door. Have a desire to go deeper.

Invite Your Friends

When:  January 16, 2015-6-8 pm.
Where: Harumi Yoga- 8787 E Pinnacle Peak Rd #206, Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Cost: $30.00 in advance/$45.00 at the door.

Secure your place (space is limited) pay in advance here $30.00. Cash accepted at Harumi (480) 292-9493.
$30.00. No refunds.