Awakening Calls


Activation calls awaken the Divine within. Register early space is limited.


Guided Chakra Meditation


Purify Your Body Temple is a guided meditation that uses the chakras as stepping stones to unwind emotional issues and physical imbalances from the body and mind and connects you to your divine self. Each time you practice the meditation you peel more layers off.


Inner Child Healing


Reconnect to your inner child restore innocence and vulnerability. Mend separation. In this step-by-step process  locate and heal core wounds. Reclaim your inner child and develop a relationship with Self.


Peel the Layers of Your Heart

Awaken to True Self


Awakening to True Self by unwinding core patterning and embody your truth.


Heal Addictions


Addictions are attachments to beliefs we have to feel something important. Through this powerful process you’ll identify the original emotional feeling that began your addiction (s).


Restore Foundational Consciousness

Heal Your Mother Relationship


At your core is a level of consciousness termed “foundational.”  This awareness lays the basis of your life. It begins at birth and stays with you until it’s consciously changed later in life. Your first relationship is with your mother. Here is where rejection and fear begin. Mother issues relate to friends, commitments, anything relating to you personally, and your inner world. Restore your mother relationship.


Heal Your Father Relationship


Lives take shape based on what you experienced as a child. This awareness is now layered into your subconscious mind as your foundation. Father issues show up as you mature around business and financial success, being seen in the world, confidence and how you relate to the outer world. Restore your father relationship. By healing these issues you restructure your own foundation and become more confident and successful.


What People Are Saying!

I signed up for monthly classes with Paula for a year. I don’t live in the states so I was never on the call but the night of the healing I felt the energy. In the year I turned my entire life around and Paula’s work was the catalyst of my changes.”
Laura G., England

Paula’s work is powerful. I could feel her energy over the telephone. I don’t know how she does it but the results in my life are phenomenal. Thank you.”

Elaine H., New Jersey

I dedicated an entire year of monthly healing calls and it has made such a huge difference in my life. Everything about me has changed for the better. Thank you!!”

Susan M., California