Release Emotional Addictions


What Is Your Favorite Addiction?

Is it coffee, sugar, drugs, shopping, gambling, alcohol, or smoking?

Many people employ physical addictions such as alcohol, drugs, food or shopping to fill a space and dampen the pain from unmet needs. Physical addictions take hold of our lives, leaving us feeling dis-empowered, stuck, and often lost.

Emotional Aspect of Addictions

To heal you must first address the emotions associated with the physical addictions. The emotional components are the foundation of “why” the addiction began. The emotional addiction began long before the physical addiction.

Emotional addictions are created by unmet needs in childhood. Unmet needs arise when you need love from a parent or caregiver and they either ignore you or meet your needs in unhealthy and abusive ways.

How to Change Addictions

One powerful way to disconnect from any physical effect of addictions is to imagine yourself backing away from it. Image a closed door and you walk in a new direction. Say to yourself, “It’s been one day, now two days, and three days, etc.” until you reach 365 days or longer.

Release Emotional Addictions releases blocks and resets positive intentions.

The Healing Activation consists of fifty or more belief patterns released.

Here’s a Partial List of What’s Included

  • I resolve my anger
  • I feel good enough
  • I release resentment
  • I am accepted by my family
  • I release my stubbornness
  • I love myself

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Product Description

In the original healing Paula tuned in and activated the consciousness grid. She does this to include any future people into the healing. Due to the nature of her work issues released and activated are as effective in recording as they are live.

We recommend you listen to the MP3 recording once a day for three weeks, then as needed to increase the benefits of the healing. You’ll know the patterns cleared when you forget to listen to the recording after three weeks. Make sure you are not driving and are in a quiet and comfortable place. This is not hypnosis and the healing is one and half hours long.

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