Paula Muran Press Kit

Paula Muran liberates minds. For over 25 years, her wisdom offers us evolutionary new ways to live life. As a mentor, author and mindful spiritual teacher, she helps people world-wide release fear and doubt, find inner peace and love.

Examples of Paula’s previous talks and conference appearances.

  • Awakening Conference — Arizona
  • Wesak Conference — California
  • World Wellness Expo — New Mexico  Watch Video
  • World Wellness Expo — Texas
  • Vitamin Cottage — New Mexico and Colorado
  • Attended numerous domestic and international expo’s and seminars throughout the years. Including the Body-Mind Expo in London where the BBC highlighted her work in a video segment.
  • World Wellness Expo’s Paula had the highest attendance outside of keynote speakers.
  • Original featured “Ask a Medical Intuitive” columnist on Holistic Section

Past Achievements

Paula produced and narrated the best-selling guided healing meditation, Purify the Body Temple. Sold through One Spirit Book Club and received national attention.

She produced her own international healing retreat workshops to:

  • Yucatan 2011
  • Egypt 2007 and 2010
  • Peru 1998, 1999 and 2009
  • India 2001 & 2006
  • Tibet/Nepal 1999
  • Bali 1999
  • Yearly retreats in Albuquerque, Sedona and Phoenix

Other pertinent information:

  • 1987: Organized her first spiritual tour to Hawaii for the Harmonic Convergence with 50 people.
  • 1991: Shown the consciousness grid matrix and received a healing system.
  • 1992: Developed a line of gem elixirs to release emotional issues, along with Emotional Aromatherapy healing sprays.
  • 2005: Authored the book Codes of Light, the Power of our Beliefs (out of print).

Additional Information

Press Releases

Prior to her spiritual life, Paula’s career began at Saks Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. She became the youngest fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. A few years later she moved to Los Angeles and produced concerts at the famous Universal Amphitheater and Greek Theaters and promoted world-class musicians at MCA Records.

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