Paula’s Background

After graduating from college at the University of Cincinnati with a marketing and merchandising degree, Paula moved to Manhattan to pursue a life-long dream of working in fashion. Her professional career began at Saks Fifth Avenue and she is a former editor at Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Achieving professional success earlier than she expected, Paula felt compelled to explore another dream—Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Arriving in Los Angeles in the early 1980s at the onset of the “new age” movement, Paula investigated healing, channeling, shamanism and spirituality, all the while producing world-class bands at the Universal Amphitheater and the Greek Theater. She later transitioned to MCA Records as the assistant art and marketing director, working alongside world-famous recording artists.


Channeling had just started in Los Angeles and Paula became part of cutting-edge channeled messages. During this time, she was introduced to the Hindu spiritual deity Sanatkumara. (This story is remarkable—next time you talk to Paula, ask her about it.) She learned she was chosen as Sanatkumara’s emissary, a spokesperson to deliver a new and evolved consciousness to humanity.

Paula is a skeptical person by nature and questioned this connection with Sanatkumara. It was her interactions with others that eventually helped her accept the validity of Sanatkumara. Other people felt a palpable energy around her and miraculous events took place for them.


Under the tutelage of Sanatkumara, Paula was shown the inner workings of human consciousness, advanced healing techniques, and the matrix-mind field an energy phenomenon that scientists are just beginning to understand.

Because of her impressive connection with the Hindu deity Sanatkumara, Paula has an innate recall of the ancient teachings found in Tibetan Buddhism and in the Yoga Sūtras.Read more about Sanatkumara here.

Emotional Healing System

Over two decades ago, Paula received a healing system while in meditation. She was shown the inner workings of the physical body and the mind and became privy to an entirely new way to heal.

Paula intuitively sees the mind-grid often referred to the matrix, it’s a web-like grid, traveling into infinity and connecting all of humanity. It’s the framework of existence: within it lies every memory and thought. (It’s interesting to note that science has proven that our minds are grid-like.)

Paula has full access to the mind-grid and can alter the energy on it; she sees your entire existence, from your original pattern to future probabilities. She is an expert at reading energy. Experience this healing anytime you work with Paula one-on-one.