Paula’s Background

Paula Muran began practicing yoga and meditation in the mid-1970’s. While attending a yoga lecture in Manhattan in 1977, a Hindu Guru, pointed directly at her and said, “Young lady, you’ll experience nirvana in this life.”

Her spiritual journey began in Manhattan. She yearned for something deeper and moved to Los Angeles. Arriving at the onset of the “new age”, Paula experienced all types of healing, shamanism and spirituality, and became part of the channeling movement in Los Angeles. Including being part of the original core group of Bashar channeling in Los Angeles and privy to many life-changing spiritual events and teachers in the 1980s.

Seeking enlightenment, she followed her heart through many up and downs. Deepening her practice, she sat with many Buddhist and Spiritual teachers, including Ammachi in Santa Fe and received her spiritual name Sri VedaVaani from Amma Sri Karunamayi.  All the while living an average life and producing world-class bands at the Universal Amphitheater and the Greek Theater and MCA Records.

Spiritual Awakening

Throughout Paula’s awakening process, she says “It was as though the inner walls of my mind collapsed and all that I knew was not real. I began to fall in love with everything and everyone.” Meditating for hours, she attended silent retreats, listen to dharma teachings, recited many mantras and most importantly worked through her issues. It was nine years after her initial introduction to enlightenment when her mind silenced.

Through meditations, she was shown the inner workings of human consciousness, advanced healing techniques and the matrix-mind field or electromagnetic-grid, an energy phenomenon that scientists are just beginning to understand. With no formal eastern training, she remembers the ancient teachings of the sutras.


In 1993 during an ordinary massage Paula was giving an entirely new world opened, and she intuitively saw into the mind and body. Gazing at an electrical masterpiece—a crisscross grid pattern of memory, thought forms and traumas. Using the power of her mind when altered the field of consciousness healing took place. From herniated discs to intestinal disease, all healed with remarkable precision. Rhonda N-Amazing Healing. Paula uses these techniques in healing today.

Meditation Retreats

Paula led her first healing retreat to Hawaii for the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and continued leading retreats up to 2011 to Peru, India, Bali, Tibet/Nepal, Yucatan, England and Egypt.

Paula led the most amazing journey through Egypt. I would go to the moon and back with her. Thank you!!!” Kristy G., Austin

Throughout the years, many miraculous events have taken place at different locales around the world. In Peru, an early morning meditation yielded the Golden Disc to appear, it’s never been seen before or after. On the Tibet trip upon arriving, her first words were, “The last time I was here this road wasn’t here.” Then guiding her group to the exact room she had previously stayed in at the Portala Palace. While exploring the recall, she learned she is a reincarnated Lama.

There’s so much more we’ll leave it for a book.