About Paula Muran

The purpose of human evolution is to change how we experience life. We can only experience our own level of consciousness. Who we have become today is a sum of the past and the future, yet we have not recognized this reality in our individual consciousness.

Paula Muran is a New Thought Leader in the field of higher mind conscious development. With her enlightened mind and peerless intuition, she dismantles unconscious mental patterning with such accuracy change becomes effortless.

“Everyone is a reflection of you,” is Paula’s mantra to life-altering change.

Paula delivers an unprecedented approach to break through conventional thinking, calming the ego and allowing the soul to emerge. Evolutionary change – the type that alters worldly events – first begins with ordinary thoughts generated by unconscious memory in the mind.


Paula’s spiritual journey began in 1977 when a Hindu guru pointed at her during a yoga lecture in Manhattan and said, “Young lady, you’ll experience nirvana in this life.” Born in America’s Midwest into a Catholic family, nothing was further from her mind than enlightenment. Nine years later her mind silenced and she experienced a spiritual awakening.

A dharma teacher, a visionary healer and workshop/retreat leader, Paula accesses the unconscious core patterns and resets your foundational consciousness from fear to love.

When you are with Paula you enter into your own awakening process. Known for her capacity to facilitate transformative shifts and spontaneous healing in others, her direct link to the divine is undeniably present; she’s the type of guru who probes the depths of consciousness.

A teacher of self-realization and enlightenment, her wisdom rises from a direct experience of awareness. Paula has guided people for thirty years into profound journeys of self-inquiry where they transform themselves and the world around them.

What Paula offers is nothing short of miraculous. She’ll start up a conversation, and before you know it, she’s shifting energy, and confusions and fears simply disappear.” —Michael C., California

Paula’s Key Principles are:

  • Everyone is a reflection of you
  • Everything that transpires in your life first begins with you
  • Talk to your fear, anger and confusion
  • You can only experience your own level of consciousness

Paula outlines her methodology of freeing limiting patterns in the e-course, “What’s the Issue?” This work can be done independently or with Paula to locate and release patterns. If someone has a deep desire to explore their inner self and improve their lives and relationships, Paula’s work is perfect.

Her articles appear in Rebelle Society, Beliefnet.com, and Elephant Journal. She maintains a private practice and leads global retreats.

To interview Paula contact Anne at info@paulamuran.com