Cleanse your aura.

Open to Receive was designed to cleanse the aura-opening up energy fields to draw in more love. Increase positive energy.


Proprietary blend of frankincense, spruce, ylang-ylang and cedarwood essential oils, purified alkaline water and an infusion of the gem elixir Open to Receive.

All gem elixirs were created in a layout rather than using a singular stone. Stones used in the layout include seraphinite, aquamarine, chariote, rhodochrosite, rock ruby in matrix, amblygonite, lapis, rhodonite, turquoise, peridot, azurite/malachite, hematite and diamontina seed crystals.

Does Not Contain

Synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals.

How to Use

Shake to activate. Mist around your body, in your house and around your surroundings (including home and office). Excellent for healing, yoga and meditation practices. Chakra: Sixth. Do not mist onto your face.

Works Well With