Explore Your Inner Self and Awaken

In spite of all the healing work and meditation you’ve done, do you struggle with fear, doubt and unworthiness? Do you find that despite trying to stay present and mindful you’re still triggered in traffic, at home or the office?

Enlightenment Requires that You

  • Resolve your past
  • Stop blaming life
  • Let go of fear, anger and doubt
  • Accept and love yourself

The only thing stopping from healing or awakening are beliefs buried in the subconscious mind saying otherwise.

We have beliefs about everything in our world! Your beliefs are the building blocks of your reality, the foundation of your world. Core beliefs are formed during childhood years, yet they continue to impact our reality, even today.

Beliefs don’t fade with time; in fact, it’s quite the contrary. They are etched into the subconscious, like grooves in vinyl records. If you don’t change them, they become compounded by the very experiences they themselves generate in a detrimental catch-22.

Re-Pattern Your Subconscious Mind

Session re-pattern the fabric of your personal limitation by dismantling fear, confusion, anger, unhappiness and illness and more.

  • Emotional patterns are quickly located
  • Custom imagery is created to assist in the release of the patterns
  • Align to your truth

Accelerated Healing

Sri VedaVaani’s work is an extremely powerful. This isn’t anything ordinary. It’s a very high and advance level of healing. I have done a lot of other therapies and nothing matches what I have experienced with her. Thank you.”  Allison S., Phoenix

Experience freedom and live life on your terms. Increase your frequency and release old ways of thinking and being. Change who you think you “should be” into the truth of You.

Emotional Healing Private Sessions

In private sessions, intentions are set. Anything blocking your intention is released.  Through intuition the root cause of the patterns are uncovered. Once located the limiting patterns are dismantled and unwind freeing the mind and opening the heart.

Group Healing

Do it Yourself Healing

Payment is on Donation

Amazing Results

Whatever the cost of Paula’s time it’s well worth it.” Betty S.,Virginia

When I began working with Paula I was making $2,000.00 in commissions monthly. Now I’m up to $20,000 a month. Thank you.”  Scott D., Real Estate Investor, London

Working with Paula is an accelerated emotional healing process helping you attain your goals in a shorter period of time. Imagine a lifetime of fear or addictions can now change in two to 12 months.

I told Paula I wanted to be happier, and she found the exact out-of-balance patterns causing disappointment in my life. She guided me through visualizations and I felt the energy release over the telephone. After a few days I could no longer find the patterns in my mind. Thank you!” —Helen M., Ohio

Feel energy shift immediately.

I’m a seasoned meditator and the work I do with Paula is life-changing. It’s enhanced my meditation practice 100%. Without her it would take me much longer to achieve what I want.” —Henry T., San Francisco

I started working privately with Paula for a 40 year cigarette addiction. I smoked 20 + cigarettes a day and after only 8 weeks I’m down to 10 cigarettes a day. I’m also taking better care of myself and feel fantastic. Paula is accurate, sensitive, loving, spiritually well connected and a source of inspiration.” Sol T., Las Vegas

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