Mindful & Meditation Yoga Retreats


Living mindfully and authentically is the new spirituality. Enjoy freedom from fear and doubt. Open your heart to live a happy, successful and empowered life.PaulaMuran_bali

Mindful, Meditation and Yoga Retreats

Paula leads powerful and life-changing yearly retreats.

Retreats take us out of our familiar surroundings and comfort zones where deeper healing occurs.

Paula creates retreats that change people’s lives in a very good way. I would go to the moon and back for the energy I feel in her presence. Every time I return I make major changes in my own life.”  Sue T., Admin Asst.

Healing Weekend Retreats are designed just for you in Scottsdale, Arizona. Being on retreatPaulaMuran_retreats is a wonderful and relaxing way to disconnect from busy lives and get in touch with deeper aspects of yourself.