Mindful Mentoring


Live an empowered, happy and motivated life that supports your intentions and dreams.

Together, we work on:

  • Limited thinking
  • Family dramas
  • Career transitions
  • Relationship issues
  • Life transitions
  • Not living life from your authentic self

Learn to mentally detach from the myriad of limiting thoughts that reside in memories and experiences. When your mind is peaceful, your heart opens.

What does this mean for you?

  • You experience shifts and changes in the ways you live life
  • People and circumstances that have bothered you or caused any distress no longer do
  • You stand in your life with confidence and trust in your own abilities
  • You become peaceful, calm, and most importantly, happy with what you create in your life
  • Establish a permanent connection with your true self

It’s time for you to live life from your true nature. Living life from this perspective is self-empowerment.

Let’s Begin

Awaken Program starts with a two month commitment. Sessions are twice per month.

Become Self-Empowered and Master the Art of Being You Now

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** The journey to the true Self is a dedicated life journey and different from living life mindfully and authentically. Realizing the true Self is a much deeper exploration of your inner awareness. In order to access this universal self, mindful actions and authenticity must be actualized. Paula would be happy to design a two, three or five year mentoring program for you to deepen your relationship with the true Self.