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Good news—you have attained enlightenment!

The spiritual seeker within each of us searches for experiences it has already encountered at some other time. This spiritual seeker is your true Self.

Ego Mind

The ego mind, the part of the mind that says, “No way, I’m not enlightened,” is a like a guard protecting the true self. It’s the part of the mind that receives the most amount of attention and the part that dwells on conflicts.

Your spiritual path is a quest for liberating the ego mind. Liberation is the ability to truly be free and to live life without fear or doubt. Imagine how freeing it would be if your mind was silent and focused. You would be living your true self.

Life is full of conflicts, and releasing the effects of conflicting thoughts and beliefs is the key to freeing yourself. Your ego mind might debate this article, saying, “This isn’t true;” it’s the job of the ego mind to keep you separated.

The more you work through your “stuff” the more self-aware you will become. As personal limitation begins to cease, you’ll start mastering yourself and realize you have choice and a voice.

True Self

Your true self is not larger than you nor overwhelming; it’s the part of you that is free—and this is liberating.
For this reason, we offer monthly clearings. Now you have an opportunity to release personal limitation and subconscious patterning that holds you back from experiencing your true self.

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