Kumara Yoga is both an online school and private healing sessions highlighting the purification of the body and mind: meditation, mindfulness and health to deepen your relationship with the self and attain higher mind consciousness.

Our teachings weave the body and the mind in an integrative way to blend Paula Muran’s lifelong study of yoga and with her healing abilities. As a psycho-spiritual healer, her pioneering work with the patterning of the mind and the interplay of the physical body is the foundation.

Exploring how traumas from earlier life experiences affect the relationship between the body and mind, we focus on techniques that quiet the mind and balance karma where you know the self.


Paula’s innate wisdom comes for a life-long partnership with the spiritual deity, Sanatkumara. Known in Hinduism as the defender of righteousness, Sanatkumara’s pieces the veil of the limiting ego mind setting it free.

Paula Sri VedaVanni is guided by this supreme influence and draws her knowledge from a direct knowing from the teachings of the Vedanta and Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism.

Enjoy innovative techniques to accelerate the disappearance of suffering and pain.