Everyone needs an accurate intuitive. Paula Muran consults with business women and men all over the world. Her clients are in a broad range of industries from Art Galleries, Real Estate and Land Development, Dressage Horse Farms, Electronics, Medicine, Small Business and Start-ups and more.

Intuitive readings offer an expanded perceptive to the general flow of business and life. Her specialty is determining the very best actions to take for greatest results, aligning minds to business brands and forecasting.

For over three decades, she has assisted individuals and companies create profound changes in their businesses lives. Receive uplifting, down-to-earth guidance.

An expert at reading energy, her peerless intuition is instrumental in helping you define and attain life and business goals. No guessing and no forms to fill out, Paula gets right to it as soon as she hears your voice.

Sessions are done by phone. Please email Paula (info@paulamuran.com) to schedule a session. We do not tape the session.

To release limiting mindsets and belief blocks go here to schedule.
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60 Minute Intuitive Reading

30 Minute Intuitive Reading

I’m a professor at a university in the southeast. I consulted with Paula about my academic advancement. She happened to mention I would meet my husband at a conference. At the time I had no conferences schedule. A few years later I attended a conference and met my husband. How did she know? Thank you! ”
Ruth S., Professor
We hired Paula to assist on real estate transactions. She told us not to buy a particular vacation rental because they weren’t telling us everything. Shortly afterwards we learned the HOA doesn’t allow vacation rentals. She’s always 100% accurate.”
Kathy C., Oregon
I hire Paula when I need clarity on what real estate and developments to get involved with. She’s always spot on. Amazing!”
Scott D., Real Estate Investor, London

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