Paula MuranPaula-Muran

Paula’s spiritual journey began in 1977 when at a Manhattan yoga lecture an Indian guru said, “Young lady, you’ll experience nirvana in this life.” Nine years later her mental mind silenced and she experienced a spiritual awakening.

Her teachings are integrative, bridging mindful self-inquiry with transpersonal psychology along with philosophy of Buddhism for complete body/mind healing.

People say when they work with Paula something miraculous begins to occur. An awakening starts to take place. A divine light permeates into the shadow parts, bringing disowned aspects of the self-back into wholeness.

I attended one of Paula’s retreats. I knew afterwards I would need knee surgery. I didn’t mention anything during the retreat about my knee. When I left, my knee didn’t hurt at all. The doctor could no longer find any damage, and he called it a miracle.” Mary R., Yoga Teacher

Invite Paula for a day, weekend or week anywhere in the world.

Her style is non-judgmental and highly motivating, awakening audiences with humor, warmth and grounded wisdom. Paula enlightens, entertains, and offers a permanent and positive impact on her audiences. She offers:

  • Enlightening Conversations
  • Unwind Your Mind
  • Samskara, Tapas & your Mat- non-asana yoga class
  • Align to your Brand-Women Business Owners

Paula works well with both men and women.

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