A light worker is not a person who does “good” in the world. A light worker knows how to manipulate the energy of the electromagnetic light frequencies and manifest a new reality for themselves.” — Paula Muran

Your mind is the center of your consciousness—it’s your soul. Like an infinite tapestry, an electromagnetic field of energy, populated with all your experiences now and forever, your mind is a complex system of memories, perceptions and thoughts that layer into the subconscious by experiences.

Core Belief ReProgramming

Core belief healing is a new and advanced way to heal and elevate your consciousness.

Paula uses and her peerless intuition and healing power to quickly locate the root of personal issues currently holding you back from living an extraordinary life. Once found she dismantles the minds’ complex system  of excuses, perceptions and behaviors and neutralizes limitation.

The result of core belief healing is you become emotionally and mentally free, not bound by fears or unworthiness, to live purposeful, happy and enlightened life.


  • Release from fear, anger, envy, resistance
  • Heal estranged relationships and your life
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Release emotional triggers
  • Get out of your head and unstuck
  • Live a joyful and happy life

Core Belief ReProgramming is done in either the four or eight week process and in monthly group healing calls.

Are you ready to live an extraordinary life?

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