The Higher Self

The Higher Self.

In spirituality and yoga practice we are taught to strive to be our true and authentic Self, with a capital S. The higher Self is connected to absolute truth and love. This Self is the wisdom that continues after death, the part called soul and spirit. Not the smaller self, the one attached to wants, doubts, fears, other limitations and the ego mind.

We learn to avoid the ego, and call it negative, as it is the part that judges, complains, and finds excuses in destructive behaviors.

In yoga we learn to find balance: on the mat and off the mat. The practice to a happier and more enlightened life is a balance between the qualities of the higher Self and the lower self.

It’s good to think of ways to enhance life with soothing thoughts of trust, contentment and love, especially if it’s not our normal way of thinking. To simply focus on calmness, though, we would miss conflicts, and it’s in conflict that we change the most.

Life is full of challenges. We can’t stop being ourselves because we are faced with challenges. We grow from challenges. How often have challenges taught you great lessons on being a better person? Or how rewarding are accomplishments after you were faced with challenges?

Avoidance is not the key to a more blissful life, rather experiencing life is the key. The ego can’t be avoided. It’s a part of you.

Have the courage to walk through the fire of the ego’s stubbornness and to have experiences. Growing by experience is a great life transformer. In each experience, without placing a judgment upon the experience, we become a stronger person in the participation of life and live life from a greater freedom.

Love Y-o-u, regardless if you find faults. Love you even when you are angry, sad, bitchy, stuck, unhappy and fearful. Love the misbehaving ego. Love the crying child. Love it all. Then you will transform into the evolved Self.

For too long we’ve heard that fear is toxic and negative. In essence this says, “When you are in fear you are toxic.” This is simply not true.


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