Turn Your Life Around in 8 Weeks


The key to living a successful life is experiencing happiness on a daily basis. To live happily is to transcend mediocrity.

Happiness Starts Here in this eight-week emotional healing process where you enjoy the release of old mindsets and emotional issues transforming you from the inside out.

Once you schedule healing begins. Listed below is how the eight weeks unfolds. You and Paula set an intention for the eight weeks. Then Paula locates any unconscious core beliefs blocking your intentions. After the eight weeks dreams become a reality.

I did two eight weeks back-to-back. In one we worked on worthiness and the other relationships. After the 16 weeks I began dating three men and today I’m with my soul-mate and very happy. I highly recommend Paula’s work.” Hilary S., London

Choose from the eight, 16 or 24-week or yearly process.The longer you commit the deeper we can go and the more permanent the changes are for you.

Let’s Get Started

Week 1: We Set Intentions
Week 2: Release Rejection and Hurt Feelings
Week 3:  Build Self-Worth, Self-Esteem
Week 4:  Release Fears
Week 5: Release Denials and Resistances
Week 6: Release Confusion and Anger
Week 7: Increase Love
Week 8:  Set Positive Intentions and Re-balance

In 8 Weeks

  • Feel more alive and spontaneous
  • Become less emotionally reactive
  • Heal relationships with others
  • Feel less stressed by life
  • Slow down, and start to witness your life
  • Start to release fear, anger, bitterness and resentment
  • Align to your soul and inner truth
  • Begin to live your life, plus much more

It’s Time to be Happy!

Paula believes the more repeatedly the limiting mind is confronted, the faster it releases its stronghold on you. Afterwards old ways of thinking and being disappear and you enjoy the freedom to be totally YOU without fear or doubt.

Work On

8 weeks to HAPPINESS
8 weeks to TRUE SELF
8 weeks to WORTHINESS

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Is This Work Right For Me?

Are you ready to live a happy life? Imagine it took  30-70 years to get where you are right now and from two to 12 months it can all change. Amazing!

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Nothing is more powerful than living from your
personal truth with happiness.

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