Due to an unexpected head-on car collision Paula encountered on September 18, (not her fault) where she sustained bodily injury we are asking for your assistance.

Would you kindly donate to help her get through the next couple of months of therapy.

We originally set this page up as a way to reap the amazing benefits of spreading good karma. Paula was full stream ahead in an expansion phase.  Now our focus has shifted to help her recover.

She needs: $3,000 to $5,000

Ways the money is returned to you:

* Donate the money to Paula. If you did this, it would show your level of compassion and gratitude for yourself. This is reflective in your ability to give and shows your true service to others. In addition, it would demonstrate your deep level of consciousness and worthiness.

Plus you would know the money will come back to you 100x because this is the foundation of karma. You would need to give without any conditions and without hesitation.

* Offer money to be used against future healing sessions between the times of October 2015—October 2016.

* Loan the money with repayment from accident settlement.

Use paypal or send a check.

Please included your ship to address even though nothing is being shipped to you. It’s a policy of paypal. Paypal takes 4%. Namaste!

Give to Receive

It’s part of our fundamental nature to give a helping hand. Ninety percent of humanity is kind and thoughtful (the other 10% need more love in their lives). This is evident in disasters when people eagerly help one another. This is the basis of karma.

Karma is a Sanskrit word that translates to action or energy. Karma is how energy flows to you. It’s the result of your past actions and your present doings. What you do today affects future days or even lives.

Line Up Good Karma

If everything goes well for you, it’s a result of good karma. If things are array—then you might want to look at how you act towards others and what you are thinking and saying.

Every thought or action you make creates karma to come back to you. When you create good energy, your life flows with ease.

Karma is a powerful gift. Line up good karma by doing kind things for other people so the energy returns to you. There is no place for the energy to go but to you because you created it

Karma & Energy

Everything is made of energy. The physical body is an electrical masterpiece. What we think and feel creates an energy signature or vibration that is unique to you. Money is energy. Love is energy. Shuffle your feet on a carpet and you’ll spark energy.

Certainly you’ve heard the phrase “What comes around goes around.” What you give, you receive—literally. Of course, most people don’t count all the good deeds they do for others and naturally forget about them. That is, until a stranger suddenly pays for their coffee. This is the return of a kind gesture performed a few days or even a few years ago.

Nothing is forgotten in energy. Every thought, feeling and action causes energy to re-position either for your benefit or not.

Business Funding Campaign

I’m in an expansion phase and need your assistance. Here’s are a few things you’ll help me with. It’s my mission to reach a million people. Would you help me reach my goal?

  • Create apps to serve more people: Meditation Basic app, What’s the Issue? Emotional Healing app
  • Add online membership called the Virtual Ashram
  • Update Emotional-Aromatherapy Healing Sprays labels and marketing
  • Create a physical space for Kumara Yoga-meditation and mindfulness center

I hold great visions for my company. I 100% believe in karma.

Good Karma Project

Donate to help me and you. The more you donate the more money will come back to you. It’s been said karma returns 100x more than what was given. You’ll need to keep the doubt walls down in your mind to receive. Give it a try, and see what happens.


Thank you.  Namaste!
After you donate we’ll add you to the prayer list.

Please included your ship to address even though nothing is being shipped to you. It’s a policy of paypal. Paypal takes 4%.  Namaste!