I Am Empowered

Your father is your second most important relationship you have in life.  If you grew up in a single-parent home with the father missing, or the father was emotionally distant or away, difficulties can arise later as an adult.

For a man, if he grew up with a father who was emotionally distant, he can become emotionally distant as an adult. Or if the father was a woman hater, a drunk, angry or stern, these characteristics are programmed in him, too—until he becomes aware of them either through a relationship break-up, loss of a job, or some other personal trauma and decides to heal.

For a woman, the male-female roles play out differently than male-male roles. Many times, the male energy can be threatening, forceful, and scary to women. As a woman matures, she becomes unconsciously fearful of men and mistrusts them. Or she might draw in men as “father figures” to rescue her.

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During the healing Paula addresses the root of issues first and spirals the pattern out to include current life obstacles.

Release Father Issues includes both clearing issues and positive intentions.

Listed below is a partial list:

  • I appreciate my talents and gifts
  • I am worthy
  • I resolve anger
  • I am emotionally present
  • Difficulty relating to men
  • Having to prove to the world “you” are great
  • Unable to move forward in life. . .feeling “stuck” in life.
  • Women have difficulties establishing themselves in the world
  • Women draw in the men who match their fathers’ weaknesses
  • Becoming a doormat for men

We recommend you listen to the Mp3 recording a few times to increase the benefits of the clearing and healing. Make sure you are not driving a car and are in a quiet and comfortable place.

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