Let’s Work Together

Emotional healing is at the cornerstone of awakening and living a happier life.  Let’s resolve conflicts and clear mindsets.

Private healing sessions are psycho-spiritual in nature and blend shadow work with and a highly specialized intuitive process to neutralize conflicts in the mind. As emotional memory and trauma balance, you’ll no longer attach to old memories and experience mental freedom.

Private Work




  • Your story of limitation changes
  • Mental knots and rigidity soften and dissolve
  • Subconscious patterns along with karmic life-patterns unwind
  • Mind and nervous system become calmer
  • Clarity and a deep sense of aliveness
  • Trauma is neutralized

What People Are Saying!

Paula captures the essence of a person and brings them to life. Her unique ability coupled with her intuition makes her work priceless. It’s a privilege to work with her. “
Susan J., Atlanta
I have known Paula Muran for over 35 years and have personally been witness to what I would call “miraculous” healing. Last year I did a series of sessions with her to help with my mother’s loss. It was a wonderful experience. Blockages in my life, both financial and emotional melted away. If you’re brave enough to work with Paula be prepared for something miraculous to transpire. She’s is the most amazing person and truly a gift to the world.”
Cathy Conner Jordan, Owner Dancing Horse Farms Dressage
I told Paula I wanted to be happier, and she found the exact out-of-balance patterns causing disappointment in my life. She guided me through visualizations and I felt the energy release over the telephone. After a few days I could no longer find the patterns in my mind. Thank you!”
Helen M., Teacher
I was so impressed by Paula’s abilities that for my next session I drove 12 hours each way to experience her in person. I cannot put into words what this work has done for me. I now experience new levels of awareness and joy as I move away from old blockages and the controlling ego into truth. Paula’s gifts are truly remarkable. Thank you.”
Rick K., Social Worker
Whatever the cost of Paula’s time it’s well worth it.”
Betty S., Social Worker
When I began working with Paula I was making $2,000.00 in commissions monthly. Now I’m up to $20,000 a month. Thank you.”
Scott D., Real Estate Investor, London
I had one session with Paula and my life-long migraines disappeared. I was headed to a neurologist when my husband met Paula and recommended her. Amazing work!”
Barbara C.,
I just love working with Paula! It’s been very life changing. I see the changes in myself around my family. I’m not triggered and now more relaxed.”
Laura B., Stock Broker