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At WomenWithWingsCoaching, every customer we deal with includes a various set of goals, obstacles, finding out rate and also design. As a result, we customize every training programme to fit specifically around you. Depending upon what you want to attain and how much time and energy you need to accomplish this, the amount of sessions you will require and also what we cover in the programmes will vary to match your requirements. To be able to offer you an accurate as well as experienced suggestion on what you will certainly need to make the modification you’re aiming for, we first need to comprehend your training requires, your obstacles as well as your objectives. https://womenwithwingscoaching.com/our-customers/

Emotional Sprays


Energy and aroma join together to create a powerful healing spray that changes emotional energy. Emotional Sprays help you feel happier, more alive and balanced in your body.  With just one spritz!

  • Splendid for clearing fear and confusion
  • Heavenly for prayer, meditation and yoga
  • Superb for balancing and releasing stress

Each emotional spray has a specific task to either clear “stuck” emotional energy or “enhance” energy.  All the sprays are named after familiar emotional issues we all experience.

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Emotional Sprays

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Emotional Sprays are designed with this concept: our skin is our largest organ and through the skin we vent energy— like an emotional vapor expelled into our environments. It’s a feeling we get when we are in certain locations and we feel tired or sluggish like in big shopping malls and crowded events. Or when we are in churches or yoga studios we don’t want to leave.  This energy is a result of the people present and what they are feeling and thinking.


Paula Muran pioneered the use of vibrational formulas with essential oils in the mid-1990′s.  Each emotional spray has its own aroma and gem elixir base. No chemicals or additives are added.

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