Emotional Aromatherapy

Create More Love-Press Release

Emotional Sprays work with your energy body to enhance or release emotional energy. Energy and aroma join together to create a powerful body and room healing spray. Feel happier, more alive and balanced in your body with just one spritz!

  • Splendid for clearing fear and confusion
  • Heavenly for prayer, meditation and yoga
  • Superb for balancing and releasing stress

Emotional sprays have specific tasks either to clear “stuck” emotional energy or “enhance” energy. Named after familiar emotional issues we all experience.

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Paula-Muran-crystal healer

Paula Muran 1990s creating Emotional Sprays.

Emotional Sprays are designed with this concept: Your skin is the largest organ and through the skin energy evaporates. An emotional vapor expelled into the environment.

Have you ever walked into a place and couldn’t wait to leave? Or visited a church, attended a retreat or yoga class and wanted to stay forever? This feeling is created by thoughts of the people present.


Paula Muran pioneered the use of vibrational formulas with essential oils in 1990. Each emotional spray has its own aroma (essential oil blend) and gem elixir base. No chemicals or additives are added ever.

Enjoy Immediate Results!