Emotional Aromatherapy

Sovereign Light Emotional Sprays

Energy and aroma join together to create a powerful body and room healing spray. Each emotional spray has its own aroma (essential oil blend) and gem elixir base. No chemicals or additives are added ever. Download the book in the right column to learn exactly what is in each spray.

How Do the Sprays Work?

Sovereign Light is not just an ordinary room spray it’s a healing system that works with your energy body to enhance or release emotional energy.

Named after common emotional issues: Clearing Anger, Clearing Fear, Clearing Confusion, Peace, Balance, Surrender, I Am Love, I Am Worthy and more. See list below.

The best way to select the sprays is to allow your own wisdom to choose without knowing anything about the sprays or their smell. Go Here


Feel happier, more alive and balanced in your body with just one spritz!

  • Splendid for clearing fear and confusion
  • Heavenly for prayer, meditation and yoga
  • Superb for balancing and releasing stress

Shift your energy and the people around you with Sovereign Light Emotional Sprays.

Enjoy Immediate Results!

The sprays are $19.98 each and come in 2 oz size. Click on the link below to learn more and purchase. Use up to four sprays daily. STOCK UP SALE. Buy 5 and receive FREE shipping (save $14.00). Good until June 10, 2016.

Abundance Clearing Fear
Balance Clearing Resistance
Clearing Anger Clearing Confusion
Healing Feminine I Am Love
Surrender I Am Worthy
Open to Receive Peace
Starter Kits–New Travel Kit Protection


Emotional Sprays are designed with this concept: Your skin is the largest organ and through the skin an emotional energy vapor is expelled into the environment.

Have you ever walked into a place and couldn’t wait to leave? Or visited a church, attended a retreat or yoga class and wanted to stay forever? This energy is created by thoughts of the people present. The sprays clear the energy field and you stay more grounded and present in life situations.

Crystal Layouts

The crystal layouts below were used to create gem elixirs the base formula for the emotional sprays. The crystal layouts are mandalas and speak to you on a soul level.

Paula Talks Sprays

Free E-Book

Paula-Muran-emotional-spraysclick here to download the ebook.

Creating Sprays

Paula-Muran-crystal healer

Pioneering the use of gem elixirs with essential oils in early 1990s, I created a system that clears emotional energy. Here I am creating the sprays in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The name sovereign means to empower and light is energy. Every time you use Sovereign Light sprays you empower yourself.