Kumari DeviJoin the loving energy of KumariDevi. Emissary to the teachings of the Veda Guru, Sanatkumara, conversations enlighten minds and open hearts.

Open your heart and commune at a higher vibration. Discover a new things about yourself. Any transformation you’ll experience  is not about becoming different, but rather being whole.

Beginning with guided meditations followed by questions and answers, asked by you about consciousness, enlightenment, meditation or anything around self-realization and awakening. Designed to arouse inner wisdom and dismantle the limiting ego mind.

With a high level of integrity around her work, meetings and retreats are sacred spaces. Everyone is welcome. Classes are often experiential.

“I attend her events as often as possible because her energy is priceless. If you want to come away from an event that you can really feel you received something then spend time with KumariDevi. You won’t regret it.”  Elaine, H., Hypnotherapist, New Jersey

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You have given me so much, both directly and indirectly. I am eternally grateful. I love that you continue on your path and see such beauty of how nothing else has a concern in your consciousness only to awaken others.” Much love, Angela Love-Zaranka, Virginia

I am very thankful to you and your guidance. I feel a great sense of peace, grace and love.”  Liam C., Ireland

The moment I met Paula my heart fluttered and I didn’t want to leave her presence.” J.S. Reiki Practitioner Georgia

I can not express how grateful I am for that miraculous weekend! In one week since I’ve been home the change I’m noticing in me is phenomenal.” Anne S., Healer, Cincinnati, Ohio