Become A Dreamer

Dream-workshop-register-nowDream is a creative writing and manifesting workshop. Imagination is the key to manifesting. If you can’t imagine it you’ll never manifest it. An opportunity to rewrite your Soul script and live on purpose with ease and happiness.

What have you dreamed of doing and haven’t? Have you ever wanted to ride a camel across the desert to the great pyramids?  Visit Machu Picchu? Experience Bali? Everything you want is available to you right now. All you need to do is decide what you want and release the blocks to manifesting it.

If you continually plod along without making an effort to live differently, you are living based on your parents and how they lived or how society wants you to live.

How many times have you written a list for what you want?  We’ve all done it, but has it manifested for you?  I’ve told my clients so many times to “write it down.”

Life Story

My great-grandfather had a boarding house on the banks of Lake Erie to accommodate new settlers. Because of this he became their go to person for accommodations, jobs and getting around a new city. It was what he loved, and too with my grandmother—she loved to cook and bake and serve new comers.

We each are called, by our presence, or by our family tradition, to a kind of life that we are fitted for. As a result of this past history, I love presenting new ideas to you; different ways of thinking and of being.

Memory activates truth and gives a type of passion to create and become alive to the potential of the spirit that lives within each of us. I loved leading meditations at the top of the world in Tibet or to remote monasteries in Nepal, or activating earth grids at the Taj Mahal, floating across Lake Titicaca awakening ancient memories.  I’d love to own a modern version of a boarding house as an Ashram to accommodate people from all walks of life.


Deciding is a part of the process, and that is why we’ll meet monthly over four months and address four major areas of life. So often we are told the opposite: we can’t have what we want.

I’ll give you the tools to help you decide what you want through visualization and guided imagery, plus clear away the mental beliefs and emotional obstacles that have prevented you from having whatever you want in life. The unconscious mind has specific ways it manages information that I will share with you. In essence, you are re-writing your life script from limitation to liberation in four months.

Imagine God/Goddess has given you a second chance and all you have to do is decide and write it down. What do you want?

We begin with these four areas of life:

  • Relationship – A man/woman or if married a better relationship
  • Family or friends
  • Business or career
  • Money and wealth

I’ve developed Dream Your Life Workshop to help you write a new life script and, most importantly how to manifest it. You’ll open up creatively (2nd chakra) and heart (4th chakra) to produce a beautiful new story about your life without limitations.

Join a four-month virtual workshop adventure in creativity. Dream is open to women and men who want to rewrite their life script into a powerful new life adventure.

Through immigration, you claim your life and open your heart. When you’re that connected and so aligned to your truth life becomes a divine flow of amazing potential, leading you into your hearts desires and manifestation.


We’ll be together for 70 to 90 minutes conference call. Space is limited.

When: Begins March 2nd, March 30, April 27 and May 18.
Time: 8:00 PM EST to 9:30 pm EST
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Ask specific questions via email to [email protected]