Finally Get to the Core and
Unlock Your
Unconscious Mind
Step into Your Power

What’s the Issue is an emotional healing e-course.

Do you ever go around and around with someone and never really know what the real issue is? Remember that argument with a friend or boyfriend—do you know what you were arguing about?

Do you ever feel that if you can just get to the core of a certain issue, you’d be home free? You’re not alone. Many people want to resolve their issues once and for all. Are you one of them?

Is This You?

  • In spite of being a conscious person, who has worked on yourself for many years, you’re misunderstood and have a challenging time relating to others.
  • Feel excited when you break through old patterns, yet disheartened when they repeat over and over again.

Most people think the reason they haven’t been able to bring forth their full potential is because they don’t have enough money, support or knowledge. The truth is: it’s not what you have attained from the outer world, it’s what’s programmed in the unconscious mind that is stopping you.

What’s the Issue?

Paula Muran created What’s the Issue? It’s a powerful e-course to help you get to the core and finally resolve relationship struggles, misunderstandings, office conflicts and heated arguments between friends and family. Working with, What’s the Issue? allows you to enjoy the freedom you’ve always wanted and

  • Cultivate better and deeper relationships
  • Release fear and confusion
  • Feel empowered and confident

Working the program will change how you think and change the filters of the world around you. It will  help you feel you’ve accomplished something.

Quickly release the old, limiting version of yourself so that you can start living the biggest, most exciting version of your life and truly achieve your dreams.

How It Works

You’ll receive an ebook that spells everything out. Through self-inquiry, you’ll ask yourself nine powerful, cutting-edge questions to bypass the conscious ego mind. This is the part of the mind that loves to control success.

As you answer the questions truthfully you’ll delve deeper into your own unconscious mind. Revealing the limiting patterns blocking and holding you back from happiness and personal freedom.

Finding the root of the issue is paramount to change. Why? Because you won’t repeat the same behavior patterns over and over again. Plus it’s half the puzzle to releasing lifelong patterns forever. Once you find the core pattern(s)—change your mind about them and you’ll let go and be free.

What Do You Receive?

You receive the exact process Paula uses to ascertain information when you work one-on-one with her.

A downloadable E-book in pdf format plus you receive:

  • Bonus Gift #1: Release Fear mp3 download. A live healing session with Paula. ($49.98 value). Read more about the healing.
  • Bonus Gift # 2: Release Trust Issues mp3 download. A live healing with Paula. ($49.98 value). Read more about the healing.
  • Bonus Gift #3: What’s the Issue mp3 download by Paula Muran. ($29.98 value)

Step into your personal power. Awaken to your true potential. Release lifelong patterns that have blocked you for so long, and gain a greater understanding of your emotional health.

What’s the Issue? is the way to finally have the answers you’ve been seeking.

Special launch price only $67.98

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