Awaken to Your Divine Self

Purify the Body Temple is an emotional healing, guided chakra meditation to cleanse emotional feelings and thoughts that no longer resonate with you.

The physical body is a temple, the house of the Soul, and it remembers all experiences. The meditation arouses deeply buried subconscious energy to rise and frees emotional energy.

Open all twelve chakras and connect to higher Self—while enlightening the physical and emotional bodies.


  • Become less defensive and triggered
  • Happier and spontaneous
  • Clear and balanced
  • Activate higher levels of consciousness

An ancient Sufi method of unwinding energy is used, along with Paula’s soothing voice as she guides you through each chakra.  Purify the Body Temple leads you through a healing process to unwind fear, denial, addictions and other issues to connect with your divine self.

 Experience this Remarkable Process!


Starting with the base chakra and working up through the seven other body chakras and the five esoteric chakras above your head. Imagine walking through a garden of your own energy body, using the chakras as stepping stones to guide you to go deeper into you.

This process is revolutionary!” Ruth A., Yoga Teacher

At each chakra you’ll call forward your own limitations along with body pains to meet the golden light—the highest vibrational light frequency — releasing toxins and providing a deep healing  to occur.

Enjoy a mindful experience as you unite the lower and higher self—awakening your grand master-the all loving part of you.

A beautifully produced meditation CD.”  Phylameana lila Desy, Holistic Healing


Purify the Body Temple is unlike any other meditation you’ve experienced. It’s a powerful emotional healing process in itself. Practice a couple times a week for deepest benefits.

The more you practice Purify the Body Temple the deep you go. Keep peeling layers of limitation off to become less defensive and less reactive. As the layers of limitation release feel empowered and free.

A Note About the Meditation

Practice the meditation in a quiet place. Carve out approximately one hour for yourself. Image the chakras as plates within your body. Each chakra is stacked like shelves; from the base to top of your head with the spine going through the middle of the chakra. Imagine the chakra opening by spinning the plate clockwise or to your right, within your body. Just imagine it with your mind and not your eyes otherwise you’ll get dizzy.

Awaken the golden lotus in your heart and live in balance.

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