You are an energetic being with limitless potential. The ancient science of chakra healing holds the key to staying healthy and balanced.

Beginning at the first chakra where the kundalini or life force energy originates, energy spirals up the spine like a snake. As kundalini rises up the body, you’ll feel the places where energy is stuck. Knotted and stuck energy is mental, emotional and physical conflicts that need resolving.


The word “chakra” originated in Sanskrit and means wheel or circle. Chakras are wheels of energy or fields of consciousness. The chakra system also coordinates with the nervous system and nadis.

There are seven main body chakras and one on each palm and foot and five above the head. Smaller chakras are found in other locations around the body too.

Overthinking and stress causes energy to get stuck in different energy centers. Stuck energy is the cause of disease and pain. Chakras are either open, closed or sluggish. The optimal chakra energy spins clockwise.

Lower Self

Chakra one, two and three are considered the lower self. Referred to as the unconscious centers of the body. They hold the most energy.

Higher Self

Fourth chakra is the powerful heart center and a pivotal chakra center. Fifth chakra or throat, sixth chakra or third eye and the seventh chakra make up the higher self in the body.

Esoteric Chakras

Five chakras connect to subtle energy field

  • Eighth chakra is the intuitive center
  • Ninth chakra is a higher aspect of the second chakra
  • Tenth chakra is a higher aspect of the third chakra
  • Eleventh chakra is the feminine center
  • Twelfth chakra is golden— all that there is energy

Chakra Healing Private Sessions

Sign up for a Chakra Healing to

  • Dissolve knots and stuck energy
  • Feel empowered, balanced and relaxed
  • Align all chakras for optimal health and wellness

How to Select

Chakra Healing Sessions address the emotional blocks in your mind and body. Each healing session includes two chakras you select. Below are a list of chakras. For example,

  • Three and four for relationship issue
  • Second and fifth for speaking truth
  • Crown and first for grounded spirituality
  • Sixth and second to increase intuition

Healing sessions address emotional and mental conflicts blocking your energy and higher consciousness.

If you don’t know what to select, sign up and email a brief summary of what you want to achieve and Paula will select for you. Each healing session is one hour and begins once you purchase and schedule it. The fee is $250.00.

At the end of the healing all your chakras will balance.

First Chakra Healing

  • Stay grounded
  • Leg and feet issues
  • Connect to family, siblings and community
  • Be rooted into a new house or business

Second Chakra Healing

  • Heal unconscious patterning
  • Jealousy, addictions, betrayal
  • Unworthiness, not feeling enough
  • Hopelessness, regret and guilt

Third Chakra Healing

  • Fearful and angry
  • Anxious and insecure
  • Frustrated and irritable
  • Lack will power and reactive

Fourth Chakra Healing

  • Can’t let go
  • Hurt feelings
  • Old relationship issues
  • Grief and emotional pain
  • Greedy and holding back
  • Let go and be spontaneous
  • Love life and you

Fifth Chakra Healing

  • Can’t express yourself
  • Caught in old patterns
  • Good communication skills
  • Living your truth

Sixth Chakra Healing

  • Not knowing
  • Confused
  • See clearly and intuition
  • Knowing what direction to go in

Seventh Chakra Healing

  • Feel gratitude
  • Understanding purpose in life
  • Connected to a spiritual power
  • Full of love

Included in your healing is Purify the Body Temple guided chakra meditation as a gift. (Save $20.00)

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Email with questions.