Doing Something Wrong?

Doing Something Wrong Pattern.

Have you ever felt like something just wasn’t right in your life?  Or questioned your personal and professional life direction and purpose?” Are you sure you are doing something right?

Where do these thoughts originate?

Thoughts of doubt and uncertainty are generated from earlier life experiences. Almost always, they are forgotten and buried under current life experiences.

Somewhere between three and eight years old, you encountered your very first punishment for “doing something wrong.”  It sent you into a tailspin, questioning, “What did I do?”

From this point forward, you practiced being a “good” child to avoid getting punished again.

Now as an adult you exhibit similar patterns, unconsciously of course, and anything new causes you to think, “Am I doing something wrong?”

“Doing something wrong” pattern stays with us and becomes an unconscious magnetized attraction that draws to us experiences that make us feel we are “doing something wrong”; it sets up in the conscious mind patterns of envy, jealousy, and deep feelings of guilt or regret.

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