Dare to be You!

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Dare yourself to be a better you!

Dare to Be YOU Challenge is an email, emotional healing process designed to take you deeper into the relationship you have with yourself.  It helps you identify and overcome fears, diminish resistances and release self-doubt. This challenge increases your awareness and release behaviors that no longer work for you.

As you expand your level of consciousness, life-enhancing experiences begin to take place. The continued momentum amplifies the rewarding experiences you will encounter. Yes, you can live a happier, content and meaningful life right now!

Happiness Starts Here -a happy life starts with you.

Jesus said, “Love you as yourself.”  Similar statements were made by Buddha and are found in the Yoga Sutras.  This ancient wisdom teaches us how to build a relationship with our inner self.

Look into the mirror, and ask yourself, “Who am I?” Over the next 21 days, you’ll ponder this answer. Each day, you will peel another layer of limitation or build a stronger connection to your authentic Self.

Ready to Get Started?

There are 21 practices over 21 days.  Do the best you can. Also know you can always repeat it as many times as you wish.

In each of the practices listed throughout the challenge, say to yourself, “Today is my day to  ______________________________.”

Practice the “practice” for 24 hours. Make each practice new habits. You may have to remind yourself during the day what your daily practice is, too.

Here is the LINK.  Jump in and take a ride to becoming a better you. If you ever have a question please do not hesitate to email us at info@paulamuran.com.

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One Response to "Dare to be You!"

  1. Christine Posted on November 6, 2020 at 3:23 am

    The 21 day challenge has been quite remarkable so far. Alot of issues have come up already and it’s interesting to see how I am dealing with them. I did get angry today at something that has bothered me for years that usually makes me cry. I actually allowed my self to feel the anger and look at it. Happily, through that experience the anger dissipated. Thank you Paula for challenging me to be my true self.

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