Evolutionary Healing Sessions

Are you open to seeking greater meaning and understanding beyond the current collective of the limiting beliefs that keep you separate from the divine essence?  Live from a place of love and unwind the narrative in your mind. Healing sessions address emotional memory by locating mental conflicts that have limited your life.

  • Breakthrough limitation
  • Move beyond emotional triggers
  • Repattern core foundations
  • Live a healthier life
  • Activate higher levels of consciousness

Paula’s work is extremely powerful. This is not an ordinary healing. It’s a very high and advance level of healing. I have done a lot of other therapies, and nothing matches what I experience with her.”—Alison S., Energy Healer

What is Done in Sessions?

Activating the unified field of consciousness, Paula partners with your energy/mind and quickly, identifies life-long  patterns causing pain and suffering. Through a powerful intuitive dialogue with the unconscious and conscious mind, she’ll locate the very moment the pattern began. Questioning in such a deep way, that the knots of the mind begin to untie and emotional traumas unwind.

You are guided into powerful visualizations, given physical cues, along with intentional questioning as life-long limiting belief patterns are neutralized.

I call Paula’s work miracle sessions. Because within minutes of talking she’ll know exactly what pattern is holding me up. It takes me a little longer to let go though. She created an amazing process. Afterwards I feel light and happier.”  Candice M., Atlanta

During sessions, your mind will undergo processes of purification that enhance all of your life decisions. Powerful memory is activated and you’ll develop a genuine foundation and framework that takes you into self-empowerment. On the flip side resides a new version of you, many new versions with grander opportunities, each more powerful than the last. Your frequency will rise, and you’ll feel whole and happy.

Paula does all the work. I’m certain you haven’t experienced anything like this before. This isn’t a psychic telling you about a fear pattern, rather it’s the deepest emotional healing work you will have. Within a few minutes of talking to me, she knows exactly how to help me. In a few days, my problems disappear. You owe it to yourself to work with her.”—Helen Carr, Social Worker

Emotional Traumas

In this life, emotional traumas form during childhood when you experience things like ridicule, rejection, unexpected loud noise, shouting, hitting, accidents and cigarette smoke. A part of you froze in those situations and a ding is created in the mind.  The mind hooks into this memory and emotional conflicts are created. Do you remember certain events as though they happened yesterday? This is why. As we mature, new traumas are built upon the old ones. As adults, we’ve become very wound up. This is seen in society today—everyone seems to be angry about something. People are quick to get into an argument over nothing.

Healing sessions address emotional and mental patterns of fear, doubt, anger and general discontent. Emotional memory is the narrative in your mind. By addressing the origin of emotional memory, healing sessions locate the mental conflicts and perceptions that limit experiences. Any limiting beliefs are retrieved from the time-line of your life and begin to unwind.


Patterns control all functions in the body and mind. The mind reacts to neuro-patterning to create ideas and concepts you live your life by. Patterns form from repetitive thoughts and feelings. Why you eat beets is a pattern. Why you’re married to your husband or wife is a pattern. Why you chose your career is a pattern. Disease is a set of patterns. All of life and the universe are created by patterns. It’s a pattern that leads you to the divine.

Paula reached right down into my “core” and turned me inside out. She allowed me to see ME without limitation or fear. Her work is evolutionary.”—C. Daniels, Iowa

What You Need to Do

By continuing to move through your life, the healing session will impact what happens next. You’ll no longer be triggered into past memories, instead you’ll become fully present in this moment. From this place you will live your LIFE.

You’ll need to take positive actions to sustain new pattern alignments. Old patterns will disappear after a short integration period. Come prepared to change.

Activate Your Radiant Body

Healing sessions are 100% intuitive. Single healing sessions are available and done over the telephone or in person. Turn your life around in eight weeks with Happiness Starts Here. Depending on your goals it’s wise to consider eight weeks or longer programs. If you’ve worked with Paula in the past four months email for a follow-up. Save $50.00 before February 28, 2017.

For a free evaluation fill in the form below or email directly: office@paulamuran.com

Paula captures the essence of a person and brings them to life. Her unique ability coupled with her intuition makes her work priceless. It’s a privilege to work with her.”

Susan J., Atlanta

I just love working with Paula! It’s been very life changing. I see the changes in myself around my family. I’m not triggered and now more relaxed.”

Laura B., Stock Broker

The healing sessions I received from Paula were other worldly and no one could even come close to that energy.”

Debra M., Los Angeles

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