April 24

The physical body talks to us all day long by sending signals of deficiencies and inflammation. When the body spirals into poor health, it is a result of unhealthy eating habits, stuck energy and limiting thoughts and feelings.

Bruce Lipton said it, “Our biology and especially our immune system are affected by how we think and feel.”

This month we address the many beliefs we tell our bodies that it is weak and sick. Also, clear the blood of anger and hate, the kidneys of fear and terror and the liver/gall bladders of frustration and lungs of grief.

  •     How many times have you said, “I’m fat”?
  •     Health is stressful
  •     Life is threatening
  •     I am stupid
  •     I expect the worst
  •     I can’t control my eating
  •     I don’t deserve a healthy body
  •     My body should be healthier
  •     My life is empty and has no meaning
  •     I don’t deserve to be happy
  •     Very little in life is fair
  •     Why try something new I’ll just fail
  •     I can’t manage my life
  •     I hate my life
  •     I am fearful of the future.

Plus so much more as the emotional healing call unfolds.

Sessions now come with an Mp3 recording. Due to the nature of  my work issues cleared are as effective in recording as they are live.  We recommend you listen to the Mp3 recording a few times to increase the benefits of the clearing work.

Is the time prohibitive? We will proxy you into the session. You will receive all the benefits of being on the live call.

Mp3 recordings are emailed within one business day after clearing session. Download the Mp3 recordings onto your computer and listen to it over and over again.  You may email personal issues to be included on the call anonymously. Email: office@paulamuran.com.

Thursday evening, April 24, 2021 at 6:30-8:00 pm pst (7:30 pm mst, 8:30 pm cst, 9:30 pm est)

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