Yoga studios are full of emotional energy.  Everyone is emoting during the practice.

Emotional energy emits in a thin vapor from your physical body through your skin all day long.  I am certain you have walked into a room and felt some sort of heaviness and instantly felt down or depressed. Or walked into a room like a yoga studio or a church and felt a powerful loving sensation and didn’t want to leave. The energy present, whether heavy or calming, is created from thoughts and feelings of the people present.

No one wants to stay in places where they feel drained, so changing this energy is the key to feeling happier, less stressed and more balanced.

The key principle of yoga is silencing the mind. Asana offers people an opportunity to begin the journey to a quieter mind. The necessary focus and concentration needed to master poses can cause, however, a slew of thoughts and feelings to rise. Thoughts like, “I can’t do this,” or “This is too difficult,” and “Why did I come here?” are just a few thoughts I’ve encountered. Asana practice can also enlist anger, fear and frustration to become a mental focal point.

If we stay too focused on our thoughts we lose concentration and either fall out of the pose or lose our place in the sequence.

It’s perfectly natural to emote and discharge emotional energy in an asana practice.

I want to share with you a line of emotional healing sprays I created. The sprays address the most common issues people deal with. Each spray either enhances the energy around you or releases emotional energy. They have unique scents made from all natural essential oils and no chemicals are added. The base of the sprays is made from a vibrational formula using multiple gemstones in a layout rather than a single stone.

I created a product that helps to move emotional energy. It’s called Aromatherapy with a Twist of Energy and is perfect for yoga studios, massage therapy and of course you. Keep students balanced and teachers happy.

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