Thoughts are powerful. They are projected into the world for manifestation and hold weight in the form of energy. This is especially true for the common phrases “What if” and “Yeah—but.”

Have you ever thought, “What if I fail?” Or

  • What if I can’t do it?
  • What if people criticize me?
  • What if I lose my shirt?

These are not just two powerful excuses; they are big fears in life. “What if” and “Yeah—but” are a type of resistance that perpetuate self-doubt and keep you stuck in a safety zone of constant worry. They offer an opportunity for you to stay put.

“What if” you stopped waiting for permission to move forward and just did it without over-thinking?

How to Cure “What if” Syndrome

Meditation is a reliable tool to clear and calm the mind. Once the mind calms you can start to focus and become more mindful of what you actually want to create.


  • Staying present
  • Maintaining focus
  • Corralling your mind

Another cure for “what ifs” is to write them down and look at them closely. Separate them into three columns:

  • genuine fears
  • excuses
  • request permission

What can you solve right now? What needs more understanding?

Your powerful mind creates whatever is programmed in it. buy fosamax online cheap, You have the ability to guide your mind to whatever you want to focus on.

What are your “what if’s”?

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