Q:  Life is so confusing! One day I’m up and optimistic, the next I’m angry, frustrated and scared - mostly about my job.

I think its part of trying to cope with self-empowerment and looking at the world and figuring out how to make things happen in new ways (while at the same time accepting the moment).

Paula Muran answer: It’s challenging to stay in the moment. Take it one moment at a time.  It doesn’t mean you can’t plan. Plan but don’t attach anything to the future. In other words don’t make the future more important than right now.

Have you decided what you want? Perhaps that’s the issue causing confusion.
Client: What I want is to work side by side with the man on something I care about. I want to have fun. I want to be creative. I want to work hard sometimes and work just a little at other times. I want to travel internationally. Then I start spinning around - how long will this take if I have to wait for a relationship to develop first!
Paula Muran answer:  What you wrote is a powerless way to get something for yourself.

You need to go after what you want for yourself not be dependent on any other person. He can’t make you happy unless you are happy. He can’t fulfill you unless you are fulfilled yourself. If you are not working in a fun and exciting job that you love. He can’t create that for you. You’re actually seeking a ghost-someone who doesn’t exist yet. So what happens you chase your tail. 
  1. Find a job that fulfills you that is exciting and fun with no hope of finding a man to go along with it. In other words, don’t place a hope that you will find the man at the job. First, fulfill you.
  2. Relationship with open minded man that leads to a working partnership.
Client:  That makes a lot of sense and explains my confusion.
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