When the topic of meditation comes up, are you one of those people who wants to run the opposite direction? Sitting for long periods or staring at the floor might not be for you.

If sitting meditation isn’t your thing try these

  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Starring – out the window, at a campfire, or sunset.

In all these activities you are paying full attention to something.  Meditation practice has a lot of benefits including calming the heart and nervous system, increased happiness, more concentration at work, better sleep and whole brain functioning and much more. Who doesn’t want these benefits?

Meditation is simple yet can take some practice. At the beginning of meditation the ego mind must be trained to stay still rather than gallivant through the caravans of your mind seeking disruptions and questions.

Train the Ego

This is one of the major benefits of meditation—training the ego mind to stay still and quiet. It’s the part of the mind that loops the narrative over and over again.

At first the ego mind will want to jump up and say “forget about this let’s do something else.” It happens to everyone. When this happens pull your awareness https://ampills.com/ back to your breath or whatever task you are doing and concentrate a little harder on it. Do this until the mind begins to wander again, now pull your attention back to your breath or task.

Keep repeating this process until you can keep your mind focused on what you are doing for 20 minutes or a half hour. Then the next time you want to meditate try sitting still for 20 minutes or a half hour and use your breath as your guide. Gardening, swimming, walking and starring are still okay to do too.

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