The power of a clear mind helps you stay present. In the present moment you experience the truth of You. Every thought, every little nuance in your mind, every action, every bit of miscommunication, every argument, every fear, everything keeps pushing you away from your truth.

Getting to a clear mind is the journey. Meditation is one half and consciously working on your issues is the other half.

Your truth resides within you right now. Do you experience it? Or do you fear it, deny it or resist it? Are you angry at it?  These feelings and thoughts fear, denial, resistance, anger, emotional addictions or confusion were created earlier in life. They are memories oftentimes associated with traumas from childhood or past lives.

For example, perhaps as a child you touched the hot burner on the stove and now don’t feel like cooking. Or your first love broke your heart and you are still single at 55. Or you have relationships where your partner doesn’t understand you.

All the examples above stop you from living a content and happy life. In essence you deny yourself the very thing you want love.

Here’s where meditation can assist and more appropriately locating the hurt and other issues holding you back from living your truth. Identifying and releasing the past is the necessary step to your truth.

Remember you can have anything you want. Are you ready to be present with your truth?

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