Subconscious blocks are all those hesitations and excuses you have for not living a life you absolutely love.

For example, what is holding you back from purchasing a dream car? Whatever the response you have these are the blocks to having a new automobile. Most often the response to purchasing a $60,000.00 car is “I don’t have the money”. That is the subconscious block. Why don’t you have the money? Whatever the answer is another set of blocks. What are your priorities? This is a set of blocks. Perhaps you’ll blame it on your job? Blame is a subconscious block and fear becomes a block.

The subconscious mind is constructed by worthiness (personal value), fear and doubt (insecurity), and by living life with people who share similar ideals. For example, parents who struggle to make a living, they will teach their children “life is a struggle” and the child will harbor those beliefs in their subconscious mind until they are changed.

Whatever is programmed into the subconscious is often learned behavior. Parents who tell their child “they can’t do something” the child grows up believing they can’t live the life they want.

The subconscious mind is layered by experiences. It’s not a straight line from unhappiness event today to one unhappy event as a child. It’s multi-layered.

Also, a person will draw to them whatever is programmed in their subconscious. For example, if a person has low self-esteem they will draw to themselves similar people to prove the point to the ego mind.

I have an eight week emotional healing process where I will locate the subconscious patterns and blocks to a specific goal or intention, it’s called Happiness Starts Here and the fee is $3000.00. Whatever mental jab your mind made after reading this is a subconscious block you carry right now. Blocks can change. The relationship you have to the block can change too.

I say the best way to find the blocks is to sign up for retreats/workshops or purchase something you know is out of your means. Whatever the mental excuses are will be the blocks you are holding onto right not.

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