Life is meant to be lived with compassion and excitement—you’re meant to be happy and full of enthusiasm. If you continually plod along without making an effort to live differently, you are living based on your parents and how they lived or how society wants you to live.

In truth, there is no disease or illness. In truth there are no negative people trying to hurt you, in truth there is nothing but love.

It’s often challenging to conceptualize how emotional healing work can help you. Here are a few examples:

Example #1:
One client had issues speaking in public and would be overridden with fear and anxiety. I found a situation as a child about “can I perform?” This situation was tied to potty training and her grandmother.  There were two unrelated situations that tied together in the client’s memory about the idea of performing.  The experiences were layered into the unconscious via independent events around being seen in public as an authority and performing.

Once I found the entire pattern, I guided her through a process to release the emotional memories.  She reported that her next speaking gig went so smoothly and she didn’t have one bit of anxiety.

Example #2:
Another client was consistently triggered when she felt challenged by others. She wanted to please everyone. I found old karma with family members that held her to the idea of “pleasing others.” I helped her release the karma and the current challenges became incidental. She reported that she no longer had the thoughts about pleasing others.

Example 3:
I did a group clearing on mother issues, and someone on the call emailed to say, “Immediately my mind got quieter, and now I look forward to each day and love my life. I’m a lot calmer, more confident in myself, more comfortable being seen in the world for who I am.”

Example 5:
Unconsciously we do a lot of things we are not realizing we are doing. Another client met her soulmate, but was quick to dismiss him for a variety of reasons. We worked together for eight weeks to repattern her relationship with her father. She only drew in men who were exact duplicates of her dad, whom she didn’t like.

During our work together I found patterns where she would pull men in and push them away. She wanted love, but because the men were similar to her father, she pushed them away. Guiding her through a process, she released patterns around hate and disapproval. Once she let go of the hate, she was able to see her new man with new eyes and deepen the relationship.

Locating the patterns is not what takes time, rather it’s your minds ability to let go that takes the time. It’s not a straight line from feeling unhappy today to an one unhappy event as a child. The unconscious is layered by experiences. Sign up for Happiness Starts Here and unwind your mind and heart.