Paula Muran would you share insight on how karma works?

For example, earlier this week, twice people approached me asking me to give them a few dollars for gas (previously I’d probably been asked for money about five times in this life). What does this mean? Is there a way to create good karma for oneself?

Paula Muran answer:  If someone is asking you for money-are you looking or asking for money for yourself?

You want to create as much karma as you can to keep your life moving forward with grace and compassion. In fact, all of life is made of karma. Karma is energy.

Yes there is a way to create good karma for yourself. For example, if you want people to be kinder to you be kind to other people.  If you give other people money (as long as you can pay your own bills first), then other people will give you money.

If you want help with something in your life help someone else without expecting anything in return. If you are lonely, find a senior person who is lonely and take them out for lunch. Or to the movies.

I don’t think people understand the true affects of karma. Karma is the return of energy. Every thought and action is made of energy. When you think a thought or take action that energy is hurdled into the space and will return to you at some other time. Perhaps not instantly or from the same person but it will return to you.

You want to help as many people as possible without asking for anything in return. I’m certain you’ve heard-what comes around goes around. This is so true and this is karma.

When I drive out of Whole Foods parking lot, at the light there is often someone standing with a sign. I make sure I have money to give them. If someone is standing at the door of Whole Foods I’ll go buy them food.

The basis of a happy life is — give to others and it will return to you.

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