Attention yoga teachers, massage therapists, healers, holistic practitioners, coaches,  psychic, conscious business owners,

Are you Intuitive?

Then you know about energy. Everything is made up of energy, and in business, the one thing you want to do is keep energy moving forward. This energy gets you noticed, brings more clients to you and sells your products. And it all begins with you.

To be successful in your business, you want to align yourself to the vision you have for your business.  This is done in numerous ways. One way is to look at how you see and experience yourself. You are the captain of your ship, at the helm, and can guide your business wherever you want it to go. This process is a fundamental first step to business success.

Everything begins with you, including every thought you have. Most of which are unconscious, meaning you are not aware of them. They, too, are made of up energy. Thoughts and what you believe can either propel your business forward or hinder it.

Saying an affirmation can help; however, what you want to do is get to the core of issues. Otherwise, you only affirm a portion of the statement. Not to mention, if you don’t actually believe the positive statement, you’re running around not making any forward progress.

Get to the Core

Getting to the core of issues is a skill. These are not the obvious issues, rather, these issues are deeply buried under hundreds of layers of life experiences.

You created your business to serve others, right? Can you actually be of service if you are stuck in unworthiness, fear or doubt?

To answer that question, you can’t. The only way to propel your business forward is to get to the core, release limiting beliefs and thoughts. Then, gain clarity, and put into place a clear strategy plan of action and you’ll be off to the races.

It’s easy to start a business; it is more challenging to keep it moving. Are you up to the task?  Work one-on-one with Paula Click HERE.

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