Q: How to Create Love

Paula Muran how can I create an energy field that will generate feelings of love, joy peace and happiness.? How do I create positive vibes that will attract what I want into my life?

Paula Muran answer:  First, change your mind. Everyday chant to yourself, “I believe I’m worthy of love.”  Keep saying it all day. […]

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6 Steps to Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Being mindful is being conscious of “who” you are.  Mindfulness is a non-reactive state of awareness.

When you react and get triggered, you are mindless and respond from your unresolved feelings.

Being mindful enables you to live more authentically, by accepting how you feel and what you think as it happens. To live authentically […]

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How to Be Self-Empowered

Q:  Life is so confusing! One day I’m up and optimistic, the next I’m angry, frustrated and scared - mostly about my job.

I think its part of trying to cope with self-empowerment and looking at the world and figuring out how to make things happen in new ways (while at the same time accepting the […]

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Q: How Does Karma Work?

Paula Muran would you share insight on how karma works?

For example, earlier this week, twice people approached me asking me to give them a few dollars for gas (previously I’d probably been asked for money about five times in this life). What does this mean? Is there a way to create good karma for oneself?

Paula Muran answer:  If […]

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