What is Fear?

Fear is the most prevalent and abundant energy on Earth. You are confronted daily with some type of fear.  We live in a fear based society, fear becomes a type of virus that permeates everything in life; from the dentist’s office, to driving, the evening news,  your job, and with your children and spouses.

Fear is a built-in survival (flight or flee) mechanism.  It’s a reaction involving both the mind and body. Fear triggers brain responses that increases your heart rate and blood pressure and causes you to hold onto your breath.  Even as babies, you possess the survival instincts necessary to respond when you sense danger.

You lose a part of yourself in fear. The bodily tension of gripping and a tightness in your solar plexus, down into your abdomen is where you feel the most fear in your body. Anxiety is another form of fear, creating a boxed-in feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty.  This tightness can be a warning of some known danger and most frequently, it is a fearful memory.

Next time someone else experiences fear, watch to see if it also triggers you. It takes a strong person to stay in the moment when fear is present.

Emotional Fear

Emotional fear is a type of fear petrifies you and keeps you from your soul’s purpose, as it cripples progress in life. This fear creates unhealthy and destructive patterns to form.

What are you afraid?  Do you know? Fear of the future?  Fear of love? Fear of living a happy life?

Fear has layers or what I call adjectives describing it. For example fear is:

  • abandonment
  • jealousy
  • anger
  • resistance
  • denial
  • betrayal
  • doubt
  • blame
  • guilt

Fear is triggered by real or perceived experiences from past experiences.  The subconscious mind remembers these triggers, and reacts; long after you think you have forgotten them. Part of you desires forward movement while another part red flags that movement out of a sense of self-preservation.

Buddha referred to fear as a ‘delusion’, a distorted way of looking at life. In Hinduism fear represents the need to detach from the object creating the upset. In these spiritual philosophies there is a need to release the ‘strong-hold’ fear plays in your life.

3 Steps to Conquer Fear:

  • Step one Feel the fear. Do not push it away. Do not be afraid of fear. It is not more powerful than you. What we resists persists.
  • Step two: Relax the body. Especially, the solar plexus and abdomen area. Breathe deeply into tight areas.
  • Step three: Talk with the fear. Yes start up a conversation with your fear.

Ask questions like:

  • “What am I afraid of?”
  • “What is so scary?”
  • “What am I learning from this experience?”
  • “Does this feeling remind me of something from the past?”

Once the questions are answered, you can move forward.

To tackle unhealthy fear we want to look fear right into its eye and take back our power. When you “embrace fear as a friend”, you begin to diffuse its power over you and now you have an opportunity to change. Implement these three steps:

  • relax
  • breathe
  • talk

Change the energy associated with the experiences of fear and move forward detaching from the object (s) of upset. Practice this new technique when fear is present and watch how the tightness and uncomfortable feelings disappear.

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